On March 20, 2005, Cameron Grant (aka nephrozym) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. This site exists to provide information about Cameron's services (April 8, 2005), to explain how you can make donations in his memory, and to offer you a space to share memories of Cameron with his wife and the other people who knew him.

From the neck down, Cameron's body was wasted by the two rare neurological diseases he and his wife Kris spent many years fighting. He couldn't speak because of a tracheostomy tube in his throat, and he could only move the fingers of his hands enough to work an onscreen keyboard. The failure of his ventilator for more than a few minutes would have killed him.

Despite his limitations, he graduated college, went on to design extensive software for FreeBSD, and provided care, money, a home, friendship, and love to Kris like the good husband he was.

However, while everyone involved knew Cam was very sick, there was every reason to believe that Cam and Kris had many years left together. His death was not related to his ongoing illness. The results of the post-mortem are in and show that Cam died of a pulmonary arterial embolism. It's something that can happen to anyone, although his condition put him in a slightly higher risk group.